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Stereo Optical Optec 5500P

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Manufacturer: Stereo Optical
Manufacturer Part No: 5500P

The Optec® 5500P — The Industry Standard for Visual Screening and Vision Testing Devices

While the updated Optec® 5500 is easier to use than ever before, it retains the trusted accuracy it is known for. The Optec® 5500 P model adds the ability to perform peripheral visual screening (a test featuring flashing lights on a horizontal plane with stimuli at 85, 70, and 55 inches temporally, and 45 inches nasally) and sets the industry standard for vision testing devices. Among the features that make the Optec® 5500 so user-friendly are a remote control and use of color-corrected light. This model weighs less than 15 pounds, is portable, and requires a mere two square feet of space. The package includes 12 test slides and a choice of the standard vision testing slide packages, as well as the option to create a vision testing slides library of more than 150 test slides.

Includes one Standard slide Package:
  • Ophthalmic Prescreening:  This slide package is suitable for screening the vision of individuals from preschool through adulthood. The ophthalmic pre-screening package is the ideal solution for school vision tests, athletic and employment physicals, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) vision screening, and general check-ups.
  • Driver Rehabilitation: This slide package is a complete general vision testing solution, perfect for schools, athletic and employment physicals, driver licensing examinations, FAA vision screening, and general check-ups.
  • H.O.T.V. with Medical:  The H.O.T.V. with medical package is another good option for child through adult testing for schools, athletic physicals, pre-employment evaluations, and check-up tests.
  • Michigan Preschool with Medical: This package is an alternative preschool through adult test sequence that can be used by schools, athletic programs, employers, and vision testing professionals performing general check-ups.
  • Industrial with Purdue Job Standards Book:  The Stereo Optical industrial vision testing slide package is suitable for a variety occupational screening applications, incorporating precise, easily understood tests for distance, intermediate, and near vision with the aid of new intermediate lenses. This package includes the Purdue Job Standards Booklet for easy identification of subjects who require further testing.
  • International with Job Standards Book:  Like the industrial package, the international package incorporates easy-to-understand tests for near, intermediate, and far vision with new intermediate lenses, as well as the Purdue Job Standards Book

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